The Web3 Triads


AMA Recap Nov 22 2023

Pixels x Mocaverse->Mocaverse started around March, minted out all 8,888 NFTs. Animoca Brands is a […]

AMA Nov 8 2023

->Reintroduction of Luke & Heidi->Giving away VIPs for the livestream->Team really dislikes bots and does […]

AMA Recap Nov 1 2023

Feat. Moku’s Hantao Hantao: Moku is a platform to provide value to the community while […]

AMA Oct 25 2023

Pets, Ronin, Details Regarding Carnival ->All Smart Contracts are Live on Ronin, Pets are Live […]

AMA Oct 18 2023

Updates about Ronin, Pets, Carnival:-> Target date is next week: this means a ton of […]

AMA Oct 11 2023

->Changing the way team’s approaching game and roadmap. Some of the updates yesterday align with […]

AMA Oct 4 2023

OtherSpeck Closing -> Update on Rewards -> Updates on Chapter 2 and upcoming Pets ->Otherspeck […]

AMA Recap Sept 20 2023

= MERCH HAS DROPPED ($65 USD) (HIGH QUALITY) = Ron Quest has ended = […]