The Web3 Triads


AMA Recap Sept 27 2023

= Ronin wallet integration ($BERRY on Ronin Network)

= Pets are just around the corner , coming BERRY shortly, will be on chain!

= Carnival is coming soon

= Realms feature coming soon as well, further down the line, more access to in game tooling 👀


? Wen new VIP sauna

= Next week or two soon, it will come with other changes as well, it will have a one click energy regain feature

? How many more types of pets will be released

= We like the idea of open edition so there is not so much pressure to mint out, we will be doing 1 mint a month, open the mint for 24 hours

? Will there be any interactions with the pet, like combat or something cool

= Right now there is a happiness meter, they will be able to carry items, dialogue as well, plenty of ways to give benefits to the pets. We want to reward asset ownership in the ecosystem

? Can we add daily rewards for new players

= We are looking into this and funnel people into the dashboard a bit more

? I am a content creator and I want to ask team members questions here, where can I do that

= Use this form we want to reward our content creators!

? When is the release of Carnival and Pets

= Mid October is the goal, we have things ready, but we want to make sure things are all good and teams are aligned

? Do lands play a role in pets loop

= Yes they do, we do not want to leak that yet haha

? Do pets die

= NO, but they get BERRY unhappy, we want people to know they have not taken care of their pet

? What is the ultimate goal of the pets game loop

= We want to give people more reason to do things, the pets are an interesting starting point that allows us to do many things with them if we see a strong desire for the pets

? Can you speak about Lands & Ronin

= Any new NFT launched will be launched on Ronin

? Why move from poly to ronin

= The Skymavis team is very high passion, high integrity team and we feel super lucky to be working with them and feel super lucky to be on the Ronin chain. This is the best gaming chain!

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