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AMA Recap Sept 20 2023


= Ron Quest has ended

= Ronin chain looking to integrate in 2-4 weeks, most of the pieces are ready ( Being conservative )

= Expect primary authentication to move to Ronin vs Metamask ( We will make this process easy! )

= As soon as we launch of Ronin, we are going to launch the Carnival

= Releasing 100 genesis pets soon 馃憖

= Community Ambassador program looking to be prioritized soon Chapter 2 馃憖

= Core loop polishing = We want to take art to the next level with the release of REALMS

= Lots of experimentation with tooling for the public here = Land owners will get access to Realms first

= PETS – First taste is during The Carnival 馃槈

? Worldwide shipping for the merch ?


? Do the hoodies have perks in the Pixels game ?

= No, but a good idea!!

? Are land plot sales transitioning from opensea to mavis market on ronin ?

= This is where Luke thinks many teams are going to move to so it would not be out of the realm to make it happen

? Do we have to bridge out Pixel Lands to Ronin ?

= Luke is interested in that and maybe something that we can prioritize in the future

? Why did the Ronin event end so fast ?

= Maybe we should do a second event somewhere else if folks are interested

? Are you planning to add liquidity on Katana for $BERRY

= No not at this time, we are looking to provide more support for $PIXEL in the future which is not released yet

? Wen Axie avatar in Pixels ?

= We would look to do something a little bit more special considering scale of the project

? Will Axie land holders have their own world on Pixels ?

= That would be cool

? How often are energy parties

= We are now looking to facilitate events for the public here, all you need to do is submit a request here: (soon needs updated)

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