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AMA Recap Nov 22 2023

Pixels x Mocaverse
->Mocaverse started around March, minted out all 8,888 NFTs. Animoca Brands is a 5$B company, investing in 450 portfolio companies. Very good having Pixels in the network. Mocaverse is having Moca ID as an entry point to participate in the network. It’s a metalayer above the 450+ companies. Yesterday announced collab with Ubisoft. Animoca is one of Pixel’s first investors and has been an amazing guide. Reputation system has been the way to soft KYC, and mocaverse could potentially help with the reputation system (with Moca ID).
->Been experimenting with deeper interoporability. There will be rewards in forms of realm points – there are rewards from Mocaverse and Pixels. Integrating Moca Avatars. If you have a Mocaverse NFT, Moca ID, there are exclusive avatars for you.
->Realm Points -> is a factor to accrue reputation in Mocaverse.
->Moca ID -> the invite codes were distributed through holders, and new users would immediately get an invite code. We will increase the distribution code exclusively for Pixels users.
->Mocaverse likely going active within the next week or so, and will be available for 2-3 weeks (soft dates)
->You dont need to pay for the ID, gas, or to participate at the moment.

?Where to get moca id?
=If you have an invite code, go to, when the activation goes live, you’ll get an ID for free.

?If I have an existing moca id, will I still be able to claim prizes?

?What if the moca id is on a different wallet?
=We link both wallets separately on Mocaverse, so you can have a different wallet holding the moca id or on Pixels.

?What is the relevance of Mocaverse in Pixels?
=One of the things that we’re interested in, there’s a huge issue in web3 gaming in figuring out who good users/bad users are. Getting as much data points as we can is the ideal situation. We only have so much knowledge about a user before they start playing. The more people we start to work with (YGG, Mocaverse, etc) the better idea we’ll have of who good users are. We can give you more trust if you’re playing other games on Mocaverse system, because we have a better idea of who you are. The reputation you can accrue by participating in the network, and is a practical usecase but not every game/product is like Pixels with a social experience. Usually in Web3, you have that relationship between the game and their users, there’s no network effect. We’re building something to help cross-pollinate users, rewards, etc. Bootstrapping collaboration in Web3.

?Will my Moca ID sit in my Ronin Wallet?
=No, but any user that comes in from Mocaverse becomes a Ronin user. Us working outside of the Ronin Chain is a net positive for Ronin.

?Do Moca NFT Traits have any significance?
=Mocaverse will be integrated, if you go to our tweet you’ll see some Mocaverse avatars.

=Over the last week, our focus has been on reputation and addressing who our real users are, we want more data points of who our users are (mocaverse will help with this) – we’re tweaking some things. We’ve stopped a lot of bad behaviour by implementing reputation. Unofficial policy around multiaccounting has been if you look like a bot farm you’re gonna get in trouble. But now we might be switching the ToS to no multiaccounting because it’s being abused so heavily. We want to protect our real users, people who are having fun etc. We want to move away from ban appeals. We want to just limit rule-breakers with reputation. You wont have access to the same things if you’re rule-breaking. If you are encouraging rule-breaking as a streamer, we cant allow that. Even if you have a lot of followers and you’re rule-breaking, we have to set a hard line. Our official stance is going to start to change to no multi-accounting and the reputation system. Phone number verification has caused a lot of problems because people have been using temporary phones and giving access to their accounts without realizing it. We’ll start to lean into things other than email/phone – things like YGG, Mocaverse, etc. The more people we can work with to see if this user is a good user, the better.

?Is there any position on streamers being mass reported and banned that way, and also the xenophobia that specific countries are receiving on your discord?
=If you’re experiencing issues like this, or if anything happens that makes you not wanna participate, reach out to a FH or CT member, and we’ll look into this. If you see someone being targeted for something, let them know that it’s not welcome behaviour and hopefully they stop. Otherwise, FH or CT will step in.

?Wen Chapter 2?
=Chapter 2 is a huge initiative that we’re working on. It will be a really large rework of the game. In Chapter 2, instead of every new player being able to come and farm on any plot in the game, people will have to work together. Resource generation will be capped to land. To gather resources, you’ll have to work with some guilds, or you’ll be getting lower tier resources on specks. A guild teaser should be out by AMA next week (soft date). Ideal guild size will have about 100 members. Guild Permissioning – will need to work with guild leaders to have a higher role. You might have a guild visitor role. Ideal release dates for Chapter 2 is Feb-March 2024.

?What happen to those ones who dont want to join a guild?
=You dont have to. If you own a farm land, you can have a mini-guild. You can mantain the single player gameplay, you’re able to.

?Can I join my family to the project using my same wifi? For example my brother, my sister, my mother, could we play with the same Wifi?
=If you act like a human, you should be fine. If you’re doing things beyond the capabilities of a human, you’re probably not gonna be okay. If you have 10 people in your family, might start looking suspicious, if you have 100 people in your family….well…

?When more energy events?
=We’ve stopped this because of the amount of people on the servers, but we’ll start doing one here and there… we’ll have to keep all energy parties in Terravilla and link the farm, but for now, there wont be any energy parties on NFT Lands.

?Do you plan to notify when you activate and deactivate withdrawals in the future?
=We have a big red button that anyone from the community team can press if they see any sign of an issue to turn off withdrawals/game. If you see a potential issue, let the community team know. We’ll start to work on a bug bounty program, but it’s in everyone’s best interest, to know of any major bugs or exploits – if you found an exploit, submit it in the help center using the Exploit Ticket, and if you’re the first person we’ll look into some fair rewards.

?I would like to know about the implementation of Pixels and Pepe Tokens within the game
=We are planning TGE, moving forward on everything around $Pixel. You’re going to be hearing more noise around that soon. Everything we’re working on in Chapter 2 will use the $pixel token. QoL improvements, speed up build times, guilds, realms, pets.

?Have you planned anything for pets other than just having more space?
=In Chapter 2, they’ll be integrated better. Stay tuned for explorations, PvP etc in Chapter 3.

?Can we make the calendar automatically change based on the timezone of the country?
=You can add it to your own google calendar, it will show in your local time. Discord events are usually displayed in your own time. This is in my list of to-dos to get done.

?Pixels App
=Pixels is a PWA – you can add it to your homescreen. In terms of switching to the app store, app store distribution would be amazing. But there’s regulations in the App Store re web3 applications. We’ve been waiting for a larger company to go in and make it more accessible for us.

?What is the next event after the carnival?
=Mocaverse, Realms, Guilds, potential for other things before TGE.

?When is another tractor giveaway?
=A year ago, we gave away a landmower. We love guerilla marketing like this. If Pixles hits a million DAU, we’ll giveaway a Lamborghini Tractor.

?We need more opportunity to raise our reputation. Do you have more options?
=More is coming! Mocaverse, RNS integration, also want to do in-game names if you have a .RON.

?I hope in Chapter 2, there’s an affinity or relationship system.
=Would be interesting, but we’ll see

?What is the beach map on the carnival for?
=The shorelime map is from an old event.

->We might be able to get out another activation. Ragpoet’s been working on something with a team. They’ve given us a cool script and plot to follow.

?Will good reputation players be able to earn $pixel?
=$pixel will be distirbuted through the dashboard. Having a good reputation is a good way to offer more rewards. Reverse engineer the objectives, and have users grow the ecosystem.

?How many VIP do we have right now and can we have VIP Chat on Discord?
=12k Active VIP at the moment. I’m so proud of you guys, we’re hoping to make it more worth in the future. This isn’t a huge priority, but we’ll see.

Two Active Giveaways at the moment. Go to Pixels Twitter. Enter the giveaways.

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