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AMA Recap Nov 1 2023

Feat. Moku’s Hantao

Hantao: Moku is a platform to provide value to the community while they are apart of the community.
There are different functionalities on social media, so we love to add lore things. The secret code gets you more points.


Q: Are there new moku quests everyday?
A: Pixels is kinda the blocker on this. trying to add daily game things – but Moku does stuff outside of Pixels as well. Hantao: Right now its the Pixels takeover.

Q: Secret Code Hint:
A: Know the #1 Pixel Pets Name

Q: Can we expect rebalances during the carnival. For example a change to the potion rewards?Left/Right hours of operation Other?
A: Yeah for those who know us, we make changes pretty quickly. We’re a scrappy team. Most people will build in a year and do updates every 3-4 months. We want to do big updates every month. We’re in a spot where we need to build as much and fast as possible to see what works. For Carnival, I think we did a decent job. But we will tweak a few things. We dont want people grinding to try to earn a pet. The Left Right game plays every minute and is fun. But we also want to make sure that people who are playing 24/7 dont have a bigger chance of earning pets. Expect some changes within a week. Also the potion reward needs to be adjusted so there’s still a need to brew your own jumbo potions.

Q: Will we see AxieDOLL sidekicks in Pixels. If so when?
A: “wen” – we’re trying to participate in the ecosystem. We want games to work with. And this ecosystem works for that.

Q: What will the public mint for pets look like? Cost estimates? Cost type?
A: Our token economy is going to be a 2-token ecosystem. Our currencies are on the extreme on each end. $berry is our soft-currency (inflationary). It is the main currency in the game. Most web2 games use soft currency. $berry can be earned immediately in the game and is balanced with gameplay in mind. You can earn $berry immediately as you enter the game. But it’s not easy to control the supply. This is different from the $pixel token. Team focus is shifting to chapter 2 which is a new type of gameplay. it’ll revolve around guild gameplay and shift to some competitive aspects. We will probably launch $pixel a bit before chapter 2. $pixel will be used for the minting of pets, upcoming features, and integration into chapter 2. There will be more pets than just the genesis pets. This will be the only type of these pets available. $pixel generation will be primarily through the dashboard.

Q: When can we pet other pets? Like give them treats and teach them tricks?
A: there’s tiny features we’ll start to add. I like this idea.

Q: Will there be an airdrop for landowners regarding $pixel?
A: A year ago to the date, we ran a play-to-airdrop. We are finally getting ready to distribute the rewards, and there might be something available for other people too. We made this promise that we’d be doing the airdrop, they haven’t had to do anything else to keep the airdrop, but they will need to do a few quests every month to unlock their $pixel from the airdrop. We might do something extra on top. We’ll solidify that within the next week or so. You’ll get more info very soon

Q: Will the flowers only be obtainable during the carnival? Will they be craft-able in the future?
A: What do you guys think we should do? I like the idea of only obtainable during carnival

Q: Which role are axies gonna play in the pixels universe?
A: Axies are the most interesting one to do a tight integration with – This might be one of the biggest things we could do. We’re getting the art worked out but the actual implementation is still up for debate. We want to make sure this is done right, so we’re working with them on that

Q: When VIP purchase with $RON?
A: We’re looking to make it available next week.

Q: Will we see CK Genkai in Pixels?
A: Maybe? We wanna work with every single Ronin project. We’re really interested in doing something above and beyond the avatar creation.

Q: Please talk about the problem with BERRY deposits, when fix?
A: Give us some grace. We just migrated chains. Give the Ronin team some credit. We’re the first outside game to release on the Ronin network. We have been testing their network too. We’re trying to figure out RPC etc, we got rate-limited. Just give us the next couple days and we’ll have some of the issues fixed.

Q: When are farms going to be a better desired NFT to own? Any plans more benefits to farm-holders?
A: Chapter 2 is gonna look very different, and making owning land a bit better. We’ll introduce more free-to-play land but we’re going to make the farm land make more sense too. We like the idea of resource tiering, Farm lands will have access to the highest tier of resources. There will be rarer resources on farm lands.

Q: When is the second chapter expected to be released? Is it in development?
A: We kicked off development and design about a month ago. Getting to Chapter 2 design is really possible from all our lessons from Chapter 1. We will probably narrow in focus for Chapter 2, integration of $pixel token, we need to rebalance stuff to make farm lands make more sense. We have the high level design. Development starts tomorr.w

Q: Will the open pet mint start after Carnival?
A: We’ll do the first pet mint when $pixel launches. We’ll only open pet mints for 24-48 hours. You’ll be able to mint as many as you want.

Q: Can you explain what pumpkins and ice cream are for? (think they mean cotton candy)
A: We might do a tiny update this week or next week, something might be coming

Q: Does the Genesis Pets play with axie in the future?
A: There’s an interesting thing

Q: The whales really lost charm. They were too big but now they are too small
A: I’m sorry but they were just too big.

Q: When can we stake lands?
A: I’m very anti-staking. There’s very small usecases where staking makes sense. Staking is just a way to “build utility” before collections had utility. Staking is a cop-out mechanic. We want to build actual game and product mechanics instead of pseudo-mechanics. Instead of staking, we like the idea of incentivizing people to hold land. We want to treat land like a battle pass. We’ll give land owners the same access to vip, and when $pixel token is out, we can give out prize pools to certain traits. Like a daily reward for owning land. The plan in our tokenomics is to set aside pools of rewards for certain users and one of those pools is for land owners. We will probably give out more rewards to land owners and vips. We want to reward real players with the token, and it’ll be incentive to get VIP as well.

Q: Is providing liquidity can also yield $pixel + in-game activity? Will there be rewards for providing $berry liquidity?
A: We’re still working on some of the tech. We like the idea of providing in-game activity so we’re looking for ideas. There’s some legal stuff that we have to think about, so we need to be cautionary with this.

Q: Is there any limitations for pets per day?
A: Cant go into the exact details, but theres 200 pets over 30 days and we’re pretty confident the pets will be given out relatively evenly over the 30 days. There’s no exact number, but it is spread out over 30 days.

Q: What’s the utility of cotton candy?
A: More ways to earn some tickets

Q: Beat the Crowd needs rework. Ticket more visible. The energy is cool but it has to pair to be better than left and right. Better prizes..
A: Good feedback.

Q: Where can we get info about DAU in pixels?
A: We turned off our contracts on Polygon, we just let that run out of gas. We just started running it on Ronin. It will go live hopefully today.

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