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AMA Oct 4 2023

OtherSpeck Closing -> Update on Rewards -> Updates on Chapter 2 and upcoming Pets

->Otherspeck Rewards: Top 1000, or buying lootboxes with $OTHER – Top 1000 will receive a fun in-game object with discoverability points (will have some interaction)
-> Mystery Boxes – small and large. A large is 10 small mystery boxes. There’s a huge variety of rewards. No boxes contain IRON BARS. Majority will be utility in-game, and also $SER, $APE, MAYC,
-> There will be apiary kits, mine kits, slug hutch kits, mines that look like the otherspeck mines (will produce materials 2x faster)
->Mystery Boxes valued at 1,500 $OTHER
-> Premint can only be done once.
->Mayor voting will open either later this week or early next week (depending on logistics)

Q: Is it possible to get an NFT in the mystery box?
A: Yes. (MAYC is in one of the boxes)

Q: Will we be able to craft the mines with additional materials later on?
A: No

Q: Unopened Boxes Tradeable?
A: Yes. But you’re gambling if you do.

Q: When will we be able to open the boxes?
A: Next week. Cleaning the leaderboard, dont want to give prizes to cheaters & bots. Might need to open the boxes within 7-8 days. Rewards will be taken away as time goes on.

Q: The slow machine no longer gives anything. Will this get fixed soon?
A: Welcome. You’ve hit the wall. At some point the machine stops producing materials.

Q: Can we sell our remaining materials for other?
A: No, only gems and deeds.

Q: What happens to the $other you are unable to spend?
A: We will probably do something in this world again. There’s a partner who wants to build on top of it. World will stay open, and will most likely be used/

Q: What will happen to all unused resources?
A: Basically same as above.

Q: What was the main goal for OtherSpeck? What were the lessons from the event? Collab like Otherdeed colelction a focus for the Pixel team going fwd?
A: Couple goals: Prize pools on game retention (which is the most important metric), how is Pixels going to scale to many more users. Day 7 Retention is not great. How does prize pool translate to Pixels acquisition. How big of a retention boost does this layer add?

Q: How did the retention evolve after the Ronin announcement date?
A: Ronin have had stronger than average retention (assumed because they’re already in web3 gaming)

Q: What does it look like when you open the box with the MAYC?
A: If you get $APE coin, you go through the withdraw/deposit system – for the Mutant Ape, you’ll get a voucher and we’ll hand transfer it to you.

Q: Who pays gas to collect some items?
A: You wont pay any gas to collect from the mystery boxes?

Q: Should we create RONIN wallets now or should we wait? And when wilL $Berry be available on Ronin?
A: That’s going to be the next big update. Oct 18th is the target date, but there’s still coordination that needs to be sorted. $Berry on Katana, Pets, Carnival, and Ronin wallets are looking to all be released at the same time

Q: What is the burning mechanism of $Berry?
A: There’s a bunch. Even in the marketplace when people buy and sell things, there’s a % burn. Discoverability crystals, cosmetics, UGC, these all burn $berry. Withdraw/Deposit tax. It’s more about game balance. All $berry that goes to the team through the store, taxes, etc all get burned.

Q: WHen AMA in Spanish?
A: Team doesn’t know enough Spanish to do that haha but there are subtitles on the video and it’s translated to about 15 languages.

Q: At some point will you add dungeons or PvE content?
A: We know thre are things that really need to change. Things will be looking very different in the next 3 to 4 months with Chapter 2. We’ll be adding a lot of different gameplay. might look into more clash and clans type mechanics (training and battle game loops on top of rss collection). We’re in planning stages of Ch2. A lot of the next month is finalizing design and seeing what the best direction is. Will be experimenting with disruption into CHapter 2. Progress will not be wiped, but things will change.

Q: Will we be able to swap Berry for Pixel within the game?
A: There will never be a direct swap offered from the team. but they’re both ERC-20s so not impossible.

Q: Do faster walk sneakers stack?
A: No they don’t

Q: Will Cyberkonz ever be added to the in game avatars?
A: Maybe

Q: Will lands stay on ETH?
A: I personally like the idea of them being on Ronin. It’d be possible, Maybe we do a vote with land owners

Q: Can we have daily rewards or daily missions?
A: Definitely want to get this back into the system. Need to polish up the reward system a little.

Q: Is there a way to see how $Berry distribution is in-game?
A: We could probably add something like this.

Q: Can we expect Pixels to be the way to advertise in a gamified way in Web3?
A: This will be something that’d be possible with Realms.

Q: Is Ronin available on MM or do we need to install a new wallet?
A: We will ask you to install a Ronin wallet. You’ll be able to have 2 wallets connected to your account. Everyone will need to have a Ronin wallet soon. Grace period of 1-2 months.

Q: How do you control bots and multiaccounts?
A: Cant go into the details but we do have a pretty good system.

Q: So minting pets will be done in game with $Berry or $ron?
A: Pets mint will not be like the genkai mint. It will be a play-to-mint. You wont pay anything to mint. 100 pets will be minted, and can only be won by playing in the carnival. Balance of pets will be minted with $pixel token. Every month there will be mints, and they’ll be different from the genesis mint

Q: Can we have an idea of what $pixel token will do in the ecosystem?
A: $Pixel will be the hard currency (similar to gems in clash of clans). It’s a way to make the game loop move a bit quicker, pets, realms, UGC will be moved to $pixel, name changes might change to $pixel. Anything that wont affect the core playing game loop.

Q: Can you buy the $pixel token or you have to earn while playing?
A: There will be a TGE, it’s an ERC-20, you wont be able to buy it directly. The goal is to make a good product before releasing the token. We want to time the launch of the $Pixel token with Chapter 2 (we’re shooting for january, but this might not be the case – it’s high priority, but there’s a lot of things that could affect this current timeline)

Q: Will we see sale of Pixels on coinlist?
A: $Pixel will be listed.

Q: Will pets be an exclusively mintable-paid item or will it be possible to earn F2P?
A: If you play the game, you’ll be able to earn $pixel to mint pets. Looking to make pets affordable (like $20)

Q: How to get the OG aura in avatar?
A: The OG glowstick is how you get the aura. It was an exclusive reward given for being OG in Dec 2021. (pre alpha) Only way would be to buy them from someone who owns them.

Q: What use for the sneakers have?
A: 10% increased movement speed

Q: Is Luke playing his game? Or is he just creating it?
A: A lot of the team plays the game. Luke plays. Heidi plays.

Q: The max player limit has been expanded?
A: We changed the way energy is distributed to players. The good thing is you can now see the radius for energy, and it has lowered the bandwidth on the servers by a lot. So we can now host a lot more people without server issues.

Q: Friend tech on pixels wen?
A: We might take some inspiration and see if there’s elements that we can bring into Pixels. Pixels is very much like a social. Looking at bonding curves, shares in pixels lands to use the resources on the land, etc. Seems interesting, and might look into it more.

Q: New crops?
A: New crop coming with the carnival!

Q: Is pixels planned to be a browser game forever or whats the plan?
A: We can port over to desktop or to mobile relatively easy. We can wrap the web app and release on steam, if we were interested.

Q: When was the trade limit implemented? It exists because of bots? A lot of people ask about that because they dont understand
A: Yes it was implemented because of bots. If you do balanced trades, you’ll be fine. It resets every month. If you have VIP, there is no limit.

Q: Did you ever think of a VIP membership as an item in-game? Like I pay the 3month VIP but as an in-game item and then I can giveaway inside a game?
A: Some of the mystery boxes will have VIP tickets. But we think it’s a great idea to implement in the future

Q: What about moderation tools for land owners? Like kick.ban, mute, or things like that
A: It’s a WIP (talks within the internal team)

Q: What needs an NFT collection to enter in the world of Pixels?
A: You can go ahead and fill out the form. It might require some funds for the art, but Pixels charges nothing. SFW, eth collection, and ronin in the future.

Q: Can we trade and accept items from different worlds/servers?
A: Farm lands dont have worlds. Terravilla has different worlds, so if you cant see each other, you cant trade. but you can change worlds and be able to trade with each other.

Q: Butterbrew quest is really hard
A: Definitely agree.


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