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AMA Oct 25 2023

Pets, Ronin, Details Regarding Carnival

->All Smart Contracts are Live on Ronin, Pets are Live on Mavis Marketplace, almost ready to pull the trigger
->Release Date: Oct 30th, 6PM PST (Ronin Login, Berry withdraw/deposit, play-to-mint, carnival)
->Carnival, Mini-games, Tickets, Pets (Biggest chance of getting a pet is to play the first day)
->Every team member got pets as a reward for working on pets
->Pets are an Inflationary NFT collection. There will be drops of pets every month. The play-to-mint will include the Genesis type which is the Dino Collection. (Total of 125)
->Future releases of pets will need to be minted with the $Pixel Token
->Best way to earn pets is by participating in carnival (only a couple will be given away)
->Walkthrough for carnival was given in this AMA
->Working with Moku to do gacha

Q: What’s the purpose of grills if we also have pet food?
A: You wont be able to buy pet food. You’ll only be able to craft them using grills.

Q: So what is luck and speed doing?
A: Nothing at launch, but there will be something in the future

Q: Can you still increase pet levels after they are hatched?
A: At the moment no, but like the sound of that. We build in public and keep making things better. We will keep expanding on pets as time goes on.

Q: Timer for maze? Or can we be there all day?
A: You can stay in the maze all day. There are only 3 opportunities to win tickets, but you can be in there the entire time

Q: Is there surplus on the winery?
A: No, it’s a crafting industry. Those dont provide surplus

Q: Do we need to create a Ronin wallet? So play to mint is still viable on metamask to earn a pet ticket but need to login to Ronin to mint the pet ticket?
A: Correct. You can keep playing with metamask. You’ll require a Ronin wallet in 1-2 months. But if you want to mint a pet, you need to login with Ronin.

Q: How many tickets you need for trailers?
A: 1

Q: How many tickets you can earn per day?
A: In play-testing, we saw about 200

Q: I do hope for a guide on twitter so it can be translated, because people will be confused
A: We will have lots of materials – help center, twitter, etc. It will all be written down

Q: Can people win more than 1 pet? With only 100 many of us wont get one as is
A: Yes, people can win more than 1. There will be more pets in the future.

Q: What about the scam machine in MOI?
A: IDK we’ll have to wait and see

Q: Can we get an in-game counter of how many pets are available?
A: You’ll be able to see this via the Mavis Marketplace. You can also see how many are left to mint in the game by hitting each table with an axe. A global message will show when someone gets a pet as well.

Q: Any chance the pets are gone by the 1st week?
A: Expect like around an average of 3 to be won everyday

Q: How long is the event gonna be?
A: 30 days

Q: Will winery be limited?
A: Yes, only 30

Q: Can we already add a new ronin wallet to our pixels account?
A: When it goes live, you’ll be able to. but not right now

Q: Will there be a reset everyday for the 3 pets at 6pm PST?
A: No, we’re just averaging out the 30 days. But there might be 2 pets on one day, and 5 on another day, but it’s on average 3 per day

Q: Any info about $berry on Katan? and are you guys adding liquidity?
A: It might come later in the week of Oct 30, but we’re gonna add liquidity and yes it will be on Katan

Q: Do these games in carnival use energy?
A: No they don’t. Harvesting and Watering requires energy, but that’s it. There will be a small added game loop in a week or two after the launch

Q: Wen pixel distribution?
A: This may be sooner than you think. We’re shifting attention to that now

Q: Will we be able to choose the pets we want if we get a ticket?
A: No, it’s like minting an NFT. It’ll be random

Q: Someone who is a very casual player like me, do I have a chance of acquiring a pet?
A: Every single ticket has a chance of winning something

Q: What do we need to do regarding migration on our end? Just get a wallet and add it to our account?
A: Yup. Just make a wallet and add it via dashboard

Q: Cotton Candy usecase?
A: Initially will only be tickets. A small game loop will be added later on

Q: Is this new plant for Halloween?
A: No just for carnival.

Q: What about the airdrop for realms?
A: It’s coming soon. We’ll drop this strategically. Possibly after the carnival. This is a mint we’ll be doing on Ronin for land owners. The first version will be mostly a stripped down version of creating a space. You can upload tilesets, UGC objects, realm objects that are unique to your realm. The strict requirements will be relaxed when using your realm. As long as the art isn’t vulgar or offensive, it’ll be approved even if the art is bad.

Q: If you use 30 of one type of potion will it have total lower lvls than if you use types?
A: The algorithm is random. Below you’ll see a pet that used only one type of potion:

Q: How much ticket in pool for all event?
A: It’s endless

Q: We need new UGC mint system?
A: We are aware of the frame system not working, but we are working on it. For those who submitted UGC for YGG, they’ll be reviewed over the next 3-4 days.

Q: Will you be providing instructions on how we do the Ronin wallet change? Or is it super straightforward
A: It is so straightforward, but we’ll be providing instructions and tools on how to proceed.

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