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AMA Oct 18 2023

Updates about Ronin, Pets, Carnival:
-> Target date is next week: this means a ton of stuff coming on Ronin. Can login with Ronin (soon it will be the only way), Berry on Ronin, Katana, Opening withdraw/deposit, Pets are minting on-chain, Mavis Market
-> Pets will work in-game immediately. Traits are revealed if you put work into the pets. Potions will be very integral to hatching pets
-> Growth Lab, Potions Table etc. will be releasing for players. The genesis pets will have a trait cap. Genesis pets will have interesting base stats that the other pets wont have. The Genesis pets will be a play-to-mint. There might be a total of 120 (20 for giveaways)

->Pets will mint once every 1 or 2-months, for 1 or 2 days, can be minted with $pixel, and then mint closes.
->Team will be heads-down on focusing on $pixel token and game content
->After pets, there might be less content updates as they work on new content with drastic changes. Expect something around guilds, and bonding curves
->In the meantime, realms will be released. The plan is to airdrop land owners a realm NFT. It will be a creative mode of Pixels where you can upload your own assets, art, tilesets, map, and create a virtual space.
->Chapter 2 release will be around January – March 2023. The lessons have been invaluable in terms of economy, energy economy, etc,

Q: Wen new buildable industries? Wen use case for surplus of materials we have?
A: This is why we’re saying it’ll take a couple of months to build out game loops. You guys are getting rss, but not compelling reason to use rss.

Q: When will this Carnival come to the game?
A: When game has transitioned to Ronin -> new chain, pets, new event, new crops. Next week.

Q: Will we be able to play Pixels on mobile on the ronin wallet app browser?
A: We haven’t QA’d it much, but theoretically it should work

Q: Are pets Dynamic NFTs like what Axie is doing with AXP?
A: Yeah they are. Something will be leaked on Twitter within the next few days

Q: If we want to collect all the pets, will we have enough inventory/stable for them?
A: They’ll be in your wallet instead of your inventory. The mint will be gas-free, will be sent to your wallet, will handle the blockchain stuff.

Q: What is a bonding curve?
A: They’re a really interesting concept that has been gaining popularity in web3 social. You’ve been making friends, exploring connections. Probably releasing features that those have used them

Q: Will it be one realm per land or one realm per account, are they bound to the NFT land?
A: Airdrop one per land. They’ll be on-chain forever, but might not be something that’ll be built on top of. This is more of an experimental feature. You can transfer them. You might only need one or two.

Q: What about otherspeck gift for top 1000?
A: Should be coming either today or tomorrow. Discoverability pts need to be updated for other items (up not down)

Q: wen mayor election?
A: We switched up mayor options, came up with crazy ideas, but got some pushback from the community. We decided this is not the time to be doing that. Still taking time to filter through the feedback then re-release the choices to the candidates. It is coming.

Q: Why cant I deposit berry on polygon?
A: Deposit will be reopening when Ronin migration is complete. It made it easier for the devs to manage the migration with the closing of deposit.

Q: So we will be able to sell/buy unrevealed pets capsule?
A: Yes

Q: Will the pets be tradeable in-game?
A: No, only through marketplaces. They’re actual NFTs that sit in the wallet

Q: Will there be possibilities of buying the VIP with $berry generated in the game?
A: No, that’s intentional. It’s a way for us to capture in USD without dumping the token. We pay salaries, service fees and expenses in USD, so we need a more stable token to pay.

Q: Will you mint more land NFTs after migration to Ronin?
A: We might mint more Realms, but no more farm lands. We might introduce a new type of land that people will compete for. The farm land and rss generation will be tied to the farm/rss generation loop. Will be releasing new rss in the next iteration of the game, farm lands will have more access to resources in a more expressive way. Need more use for resources, before can think of the types.

Q: What is it for business? has some use?
A: Nucyber! Web3 is a tough space to be in, NFTLlama just announced that they’re looking for someone to acquire NuCyber. Business was a skill used in that realm, but there’s potential developments and people are interested in taking over the project. There may be a revival. Our team can only manage so much and were hoping there would be funding for that externally.

Q: And it would be nice to have someone who downloads things into Spanish for people who dont understand English
A: Unfortunately, we’re not fluent in anything but English. After the AMA, there are subtitles translated to around 15-16 languages.

Q: Do you plan to add to the team, moderators or accept collabs with Spanish-speaking content creators. I have noticed that the Spanish-speaking community is growing a lot.
A: Tag one of the spanish farm hands and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Q: Any updates for Pixels Hoodie? Can we have an exclusive avatar in-game wearing a Pixel hoodie for people who ordered?
A: This would be so fun. We dont have any plans for this but seems like something interesting or fun, and maybe we can sneak something in if there’s capacity from the team. Working closely with Ryan (the

Q: How will login from Metamask to Ronin going to be executed?
A: You’ll have the option to attach a Ronin wallet to your account. There will be incentives to download a Ronin wallet. Moku and Gacha similar to premint. Points reward system. You will be able to continue to use MM for a month, but after some time, you’ll need to have a Ronin wallet.

Q: Will new gameplay make old resources obsolete?
A: No. We want to use the current resources but also ask tiers of resources.

Q: Will special mines have additional uses or new mine resources?
A: Their utility is that they’re twice as fast as regular mines.

Q: Can you farm on realm?
A: They will be read-only at first. No game features in the first iteration. If it picks up interest, it might be something to explore. Expect realms around a month or so after carnival?

Q: In the future can we use our land to make games and marketing our projects?
A: This is kinda the idea. You’ll get a URL to the social space to create. Interactivity will come later.

Q: How much people do you think a world or land is going to support at maximum capacity? Like what if 2000 people join some land, do you think it would crash?
A: We used to limit the land to 500 people. We removed the limit, but I think we should stress test it. 2000 Is probably the maximum of this tech.

Q: Will realm access be just through a single portal or can we link realm to multiple locations?
A: You’ll actually get a link to the realm.

Q: What’s the criteria to organise a party for a landowner?
A: You dont need to be a land owner to organize a party. Just fill out the form. There’s a sign NE of the fountain, give legitimate information and it’ll be reviewed.

Q: Luke can you give us more details about $BERRY on Katana? How do you expect liquidity to be like? Do you plan to add any incentives to people who add liquidity?
A: More details will be released when we’ve finalized info. Put liquidity ourselves then do incentives. Still figuring it out.

Q: Can we have a portal in theatre? I’m lazy
A: Yes

Q: Wait so no berry withdraw/deposit until January?
A: No, it’s coming next week.

Q: Will pets be tradeable in Pixel or will be like the Land NFT?
A: It will be tradeable in Ron on the Mavis Market

Q: Will we see an updated litepaper pre- or post- chapter 2?
A: Probably pre-chapter 2. There will be much stronger systems in place for Chapter 2.

Q: Will email login still be possible?
A: Yes

Q: Can we breed the pets?
A: They’re breedable, but this isn’t a mechanic that’s released. We’re thinking of smashing the pet types into one.

Q: Will we be able to customize our realm URL/name?
A: Not in the first iteration.

Q: Are prizes from the Otherspeck event still unclaimed?
A: Go to the theater and hit the table with an axe.

Q: Will all hyped items like pets be in such a tiny supply?
A: The pets will be an inflationary NFT collection. This is only the genesis collection. More will be released. Every month there will be an open edition mint (mint open for 24-48 hours). The overall number of pets wont be rare, but the initial pets will be rare.

Q: Why is your IGN Lemon Head?
A: I dont remember. I think lemons are cute but I dont remember.

Q: At parties: is the energy generated only in the sector where hearts come out, or is it generated just by being in the land?
A: Yes. It’s only where the hearts are.

Q: Pixel Luke mentioned an issue with the large boxes. How is that going?
A: Yes this has already been rectified

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