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AMA Oct 11 2023

->Changing the way team’s approaching game and roadmap. Some of the updates yesterday align with a lot of the backend changes.
->Introduced items that missed the mark – inflated items, changed land interaction
-> MAYC was opened by DrunkIvan
-> Working on game loops to expand into bigger game loops. After Ronin/Pets Release, the game is going to focus on the new game loop, and $pixel. The idea is to provide more content for $Pixel and launching $Pixel with Chapter 2. Will spend 2-3 months building out the game loop.
-> Still looking into Realms, and see results from Realms to make additional decisions.
-> Looking at making changes internally to improve current operations.
-> In the next week or two, carnival and pets will be released, and the migration to Ronin will be complete.
->Focusing more on Web3, Token and Next Steps.
-> 33-Day event coming – carnival – you can only earn x amount of tickets a day, and everyday 3 pets can be minted. If you’re early, you might have a better chance of opening a pet. Open boxes quickly and early to get a better shot. There will only be 100 pets minted (Genesis).
-> Resource Game loop might look a bit differently in the next chapter, but it’s not going away. There will be more progression, more focus, and will need to add winners & losers for the game loop
-> Open boxes by next AMA, because we might distribute remaining prizes in a fun way.

Q: A game must be interesting to be a game. And not 1 mechanics for growing crops. We’ve been doing this for a year without a goal
A: Yes, you’re right. We have one core loop.. most games have multiple game loops. The resource collection game loop is good but not solid on its own. We need to give you more compelling reasons to farm these crops. We’re changing directions to focus on the new game loop. Less experiments and more focus on getting the new loop out.

Q: You guys are making it super easy for new users to get started. Most were lost in map so very efficient. And thank you for fixing boxes fast. Wen mini games?
A: That was the objective! Thank you for your patience. We’ve fixed it for Pets. Mini games are coming with carnival

Q: Wen Ronin?
A: Team is basically done with the integration. We’re releasing things like daily track, VIP on Ronin, Ronin Authentication, berry withdraw/deposit, Katana support, pets on Mavis Market. We’ll be ready by next week, then marketing push between the two teams.

Q: Are you ruling out expanding the map back in future?
A: No, the maps are too big so we’ve cut back. But upgrades will all be intentional and not empty space

Q: Pixel token will have a cap? What is it gonna be?
A: Yes. It’s gonna be very different from $berry. Can only distribute a certain amount per month. The token is a user acquisition strategy, and will be given to players who are sharing the game or getting very ahead in the game.

Q: When will berry deposit be available again?
A: As soon as we’re live on Ronin. Can still deposit berry from Polygon, but can only withdraw on Ronin.

Q: Where will we be able to redeem the $APE vouchers?
A: As soon as the exchange page is live again, you’ll be able to withdraw them to the hot wallet from the game UI. $10 APE per token

Q: What is your idea for a new game loop that will take 2-3 months?
A: We want to add in elements of risk, battle, something more like clash of clans. Working with game designers to figure out what we need using the tech stack we currently have

Q: When will empty boxes be returned?
A: You should’ve already received them in your mailbox. If you haven’t, open a ticket.

Q: Opening boxes as soon as possible? but what if I have to work or are in a different timezone?
A: Every 24 hours things reset. Every time zone should have a chance to participate. If you have a busy life, that’s kinda part of the game. If you’re there first and you win because of that, that’s part of the game.

Q: 70-80% didnt know we can travel to their specks? Can we give them some more visibility so they can add decos and utility?
A: Yes that’s a good point. How would you like to see more visibility on this? Looking for ideas.

Q: Wen deposit? Not withdrawal
A: Deposit and Withdrawal will be opened at the same time

Q: Will we be able to upgrade our lands at some point with $pixel?
A: Looked at what DeGods did, but we dont want to gate land owners from upgrading behind a paywall. When thinking of land upgrades, have to think about the balance of P2W. It’s more obvious how to use the $pixel token for things like clash of clans type loops.

Q: Clash of Clans is not streamable. We need loops to create live content.
A: Our current game state is not super streamable. We need to create a system that benefits content creators, or people bringing in a large number of users. Been super interested in the bonding curve system to make the game more streamable. The clash of clans mechanics wouldnt look too much like CoC. It’ll be more about the loops, like the battle aspect. It would be synchronous, not auto battlers. Trying to create systems to make people work together and fight for a common goal.

Q: What was the thought process on the vip sauna 8 hr replenish cycle? I’m interest in the game mechanic that is being addressed?
A: We made it every 8 hours so you would probably use it twice a day, but you could use it 3x a day. The click feature is much faster. Moving the VIP to the back of the sauna is more of a teaser for how people view VIP and could see the ease for VIP

Q: You mention that you haven’t focused on the ripple effects of your choices. What will you do to make it up to those who have invested in the game when they feel like they’ve been betrayed? We need clear expectations for in-game items to create a stable economy
A: We understand, it is a part of the game to create those expectations, and we will be focusing on that. Need stability and clear expectations around the market to make it stable. We’re hurting the game and the fun of it, and we’re addressing it internally. We cannot surprise release things, cannot create updates and YOLO them. Sometimes we do things that dont work, but it’s not always the right approach to do a YOLO update.

Q: Shroom smash is a streamable content, many mini games like that with leaderboards would be great. Use energy to enter these mini games and increase demand for energy crafters
A: Agreed! Would be amazing to add some leaderboard features for mini games, etc. There’s gonna be 3 new mini games at the start of the carnival, and some more potentially added later on.

Q: Any plans for chat improvement? Like a contact list, have some way to open private threads? I feel that is crucial for game growth!
A: Being transparent, this is lower on the backlog, but it’s interesting. More interested in the guild/group content.

Q: I would love to have some kind of “leaderboard” within my land, like how much time people spend, how much they farmed, or mined, etc so I can interact with my community with goals or giveaways
A: this pulls into the previous answer.

Q: What’s going to happen to sauna portals now? Can they be repurposed into land portals like the ones from p2a?
A: Sauna portals were heavily nerfed with the latest update. So yes we’re working with our people to make sure it’s still worth having. Might make it directly warp to another land or building. We want to maintain the level of value it previously had. Expect with next update

Q: Wen mayor election start?
A: We refreshed some of the good and bad options, so we had to do a little more review. Probably today or tomorrow voting should be live.

Q: Will you be releasing an up to date doc regarding pixel allocations and who qualifies?
A: Yes working on it. Might be releasing off-chain $pixel in the next month or two, you’ll see your allocation, and you’ll be able to spend it. But wont be able to withdraw it until it goes live on-chain.

Q: If I’ve had lands on multiple hot wallets for a long time and want to move them to a cold wallet. Will we be able to add old wallets for $pixels allocation?
A: Yeah we are thinking about the airdrop …the airdrop will be tied to your account and you can link multiple wallets to the account.

Q: Any chance we can implement some music during energy parties? In-game music. We want music and dances in-game for roleplaying.
A: Realms will be a creative mode. So Been messing around and experimenting with livestreaming.

Q: Any leaks for Axie integrations? Later this year or with ronin migration?
A: Any Axie integration, we want to make sure we do something right. We’ll be doing it different from other profile integrations. That’s all I can say. COMPLETE SPECULATION: Potentially bringing Axie as a pet instead of one provided by the game, or using them for more interesting ways. Whatever we do, we want to do it the right way.

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