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AMA Nov 8 2023

->Reintroduction of Luke & Heidi
->Giving away VIPs for the livestream
->Team really dislikes bots and does their best to ban bots. Has put in measures for cheaters and botters. Can’t give you details about how you were found, but if you were marked suspicious, there were reasons.
->Went from 5k to 50k Active users, so the tickets are overloaded. Prepping for 100s of thousands of active users. Need to add on some FHs!
->If you have suggestions or features, use Canny.
->Team working towards chapter 2, the way resources are generated, end goals, resource usage, etc.

Q: What are the chances of getting a pet from a game ticket? Is it normal that some people used few tickets and getting Pets?
A: The chances are determine based on the amount of tickets being put in to the game. Everyone has a chance to win. It is random.

Q: I really like pixels because it makes me remember when I played pokemon when I was a kid
A: We have such a huge range of users from every background so its really wonderful

Q: I see top 10 holders of $berry have over 100 Mil berry – is this for bot burn?
A: That berry is us – the circulating supply is not quite correct, but the circulating supply is what’s in everyone’s wallet.

Q: When energy on LR back? I need that
A: We were doing lots of energy parties – will see if we can bring them back

Q:Game a little unplayabale with the loading screens, any update upcoming to address those issues?
A: Game stability is being worked on and should keep improving over the next couple days

Q: Any special events for the 2 year anniversary?
A: We haven’t really planned anything – but give us some ideas! Might be linking to Midnight’s farm

Q: Will merch be here before Christmas?
A: Will be pinging the guy for an update, but it should be

Q: How long will the new quests be available?
A: They are carnival specific, but we might keep them?

Q: Wha tis pixels’ next mission to become a better community, of course to become a web3 game changer that is not just a momentary hype
A: We are not very similar to other Web3 Communities, and that’s very intentional. We have a lot of the community who enjoys the game. We don’t care about people who only want to play the game for a couple of days to make $. We wont care about adapting the game for those people. We’re building for people who like what we’re doing. If we dont see you as a long-term pixels member, enjoy being part of the family, then those are the people we’ll be making decisions for.

Q: What are the lessons learned about Carnival so far? Will there be a way for Dynamic Play-to-Mint for the future, should levels in-game have an effect about the chances to stimulate in game activity?
A: Yeah we’re learning that people who have been around for a long time are getting incentives and rewards. We’re considering making some changes like requiring a level limit to be in Left Right. You’ll have to play the actual game a little bit, but this is the kind of stuff we’re thinking of.

Q: Any plans to adjust UGC’s price according to inflation? Or it’s going to stay 100k for 100 items forever?
A: These are things we’ll adjust but these things are all off-chain so it’s easy to adjust if we need to. There is an artwork requirement article on our help center

Q: One more question, I know you’ve been working very hard, and honestly you’re creating things very quickly! How do you manage to work so hard?
A: Y’know that’s what the duty calls for. The whole team feels very motivated, and it’s an execution game. It’s worth it for us.

Q: Why ronin blockchain from matic?
A: It’s a decision where I got so heavily questioned for wanting to move to Ronin. I was reaching out to the Ronin team, and I asked them to move to Ronin. It’s the only blockchain in the space that has real gamers, real users and they’ve already done the user acquisition for gamers. We’re also getting advice from the Sky Mavis team, in terms of economics and incentives, is priceless.

Q: What about competition? Sunflower/Moonfrost – Are you frightened of them?
A: Heidi: I dont see other Web3 games as competitions. I see them as a benefit because the more people playing other games, means more players in the ecosystem. Luke: Moonfrost is going to be a beautiful game, but we’re trying to do something different from Moonfrost. We still think there’s a lot of web3 things to experiment and get into – so it’s a different niche.

Q: How can you assure us that holding $Berry is more beneficial in the long term and what are your plans to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?
A: With $berry we care about gameplay and game balance. We want the game to feel good and playable, and that there’s a compelling reason to use the token. So building out better game loops. For us, game balance and game fun is top priority with $berry token.

Q: Will you add liquidity to berry? Or are you going to let the dump happen?
A: Again, our priority with $berry is to make sure it can be used in the game. Chapter 2 is going to change how $berry is generated in the game, and the changes we’re making are going to make it harder to abuse with multiaccounting, bots, etc. That’s our main focus for the token

Q: Is in-game trading allowed between VIP and Free?
A: You dont get penalized for helping free players as a VIP

Q: Will pixels have a standalone app?
A: Pixels works in web browsers, kinda works in Ronin mobile app, but we had not really prepared for most people from PH playing mobile. A standalone app is looking more and more possible, but there might be a path for us.

Q: Are we going to have the possibility of buying the NFTs integrated into Pixels on the Ronin Network?
A: If you can convince these NFT collections to be on the Ronin network, then sure. There are NFTs on Ronin that we wanna be working with, so there’s stuff in the works there.

Q: Do you consider implementing axies as nft avatars?
A: We’re looking to see how we can pixelate their collection, but it’s a big deal so we’re looking to do something special with them.

Q: When can you buy a cow?
A: No info on that at the moment.

Q: Do you plan to add a function to add friends?
A: Yes but we are a very scrappy team. We have to choose very selectively what features we build. Some features like this are really nice to add, but if we could build a very web3 feature instead of doing this, we’ll probably do that instead. We want to add 10x improvements not 10% improvements

Q: Do you intend to launch a fishing mechanism?
A: Well we have a net now! Luke hates fishing in stardew, so he’s had a strong bias against it. I’ve been convinced more and more about fishing. I dont get why people want it, but we should probably build what people want sometimes. 🙂

Q: Will non VIP players be able to withdraw berries eventually?
A: We might open it back up, but with restriction features. We’ve restricted buying in the marketplace. We’ll start to experiment with some ways to open it up (like completing the Wine Not quest, etc) We’ll have a bigger confidence level of you being a real user.

Q: What happened to the people that bought VIP in polygon just before the ronin change and havent gotten it in game?
A: If you havent put in a ticket, please do so. Our ticket backlog is really heavy. We’re working on ways to speed up the process.

Q: My sister and I play in the same house.. Is there a problem with both of us logging in at the same time?
A: If you have a couple people in your household and you make 1 or 2 trades. If you play like a normal player, you’re fine. If you look like a bot farm, we’re going to catch you. If you get banned and you can prove in the appeal, you’ll be unbanned.

Q: When are realms coming out?
A: We have a lot of features that we’re ready to release. Realms will probably come right after the carnival. You’ll be able to do your own art, and we have some other things ready to release before $pixel release. There will be more unique features as well coming with Chapter 2.

Q: What is considered suspicious trading?
A: Cant go into the details. The more we tell people, the more people will be able to workaround them. If you play like a normal player, you have nothing to worry about.

Land Winner: Farm 600
Speck Land: dbelyi

2 x 3-month Free VIP giveaway. Nastja and Wellington Castro

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